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Space Imaging Simulator for Proximity Operations (SISPO)

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Currently, a problem exists with the mathutils import in the sim.py. An import of bpy must be done before running sispo.

Currently, the most extensive documentation on the project can be found in the doc folder. It contains the master thesis that was the starting point of this repository. The thesis is written in Latex and might need to be compiled.

Another kind of documentation is started using Read the Docs. It can be found by following the badge.

If you are using this package in a code project, please acknowledge by adding our badge to your readme file by copying:


There is another repository linked to sispo which uses Docker to simplify the installation. Can be found here sispo_docker




If sispo is installed as a python package via pip, sispo provides a CLI.


Acknowledgements to packages used



Contributions are welcome by anyone via PR. As a starting point you can look around the issues


GPL-3.0-or-later © Gabriel J. Schwarzkopf

Example images created by SISPO using the Blender renderer

A final image using the Blender rendering pipeline consists of 4 raw images.

The first image shows the star background.


The second image shows the image which includes only the SSSB.


The third image shows the image with the SSSB at a constant distant.


The fourth image shows the light reference which is needed to compose the final image.


These four images are combined using the compositor module to give the final images below.


Overall python software structure


Figure 1: Overall software structure with main package, sub-packages, modules and sub-modules.

A more detailed definition of classes, methods and attributes can be found under sispo and its sub-packages.

SISPO execution flow diagram


Figure 2: Software flow diagram showing how functions are executed step by step.


Figure 3: Software flow diagram showing how functions are executed step by step during simulation.


Figure 4: Software flow diagram showing how functions are executed step by step during reconstruction.

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